The Eltz Castle (Burg Eltz) is a castle located in Rhineland-Palatinate near Virsham in the valley of the Elzbach River that separates Mayfeld from the Eifel foothills.
The castle in the valley of a small river called Eltz was built approximately in the XII century. The castle is perfectly preserved to the present times. There is a wonderful landscape. The Eltz Castle has been owned by the Eltz family for more than 800 years. Today, the whole complex belongs to the Count Karl of Eltz. The current owner of the castle lives in Frankfurt am Main. He provided the castle for the inspection of the public and cares about its preservation.

And in addition to historical facts we would like to note that this is a great place for lovers of photo shoots since with any weather the castle and its surroundings look fabulous.

It is also a good place to relax with the whole family and with your sweethearts.

On the territory there is a cafe where you can eat well and enjoy the picturesque view.

The friendly team of Hunsruecker Hof Hotel spent there a cheerful team building and recommends you to visit the Burg Eltz castle 😉


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